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my parents threatened to take my car away if i didnt get a job soon, so i found a alternative to make money, make prom dresses and sell them. i will let people pick colors, material, design, and can mix and match from some that i have already made. i will charge around $80-100. the material and supplies will range $40-70, so about thirty in labor. i will get together with the person and they can help design. i got some fabric for my dress and played around on my new mannequin. here are a few pics from a few that i was messing around with, some of them are a really skimpy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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its been a loonggg time since ive updated.

new news?

- ive lost 10 pounds and still need to lose 5 more
- i all of the sudden have long hair down to my butt ( yeah extensions!)
-i miss lauren koontz THISSSS MMUCCCHH, times a million.
-im moving out to new york in the next month to year.
- tomorrow im going to new york and meeting with agencies on thursday and friday.
-im dating a guy, not the last one, but another. (if that makes sense?)
-kate and i hang out insanly much on saturdays, due to the fact we love being away from zionsville.
-new found love for dressing up like a prostitute for rocky horror picture show.
-my grades are actually over a 3.0, for the first time in my life, ironically this is the year i havent tried or studied once.
- hanson wkend in like 3 weeks! ahhhh!!!!

anyways, thats pretty much it. i felt bad for not updating in awhile.

<3 ash.

art show=great.

Herron Honors Art ExhibitionCollapse )


+dyed my hair
-hit my side mirror in my garage 3x
-releized that i have been really unfaithful towards music this summer
+-went to clay terrace spent $160+
-layed out at daniels house
+watched laguna beach premiere at kates
---grounded for a week from my car.

brown once againCollapse )

lake adventures:

getting pulled over by dnr
kneeboarding and wakeboarding
rope swings
cute boys
cuts french exchange students
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
lake picturesCollapse )


its been way too long, and ive finally found a boy, and hes so awesome.

ok,finally decided.

this week when my debit card arrives, first thing im buying, this color dye.

clickCollapse )

oh gosh, somewhat eventful day at work.

- got told that i looked like lindsay by seriously 6 people, crazy.
- got locked in the freaking freezer, i was terrified that i was
going to freeze to death while the rude customer was waiting for
her bottled water. When i brought it to her and apoliged, told her
what happened and she looked at me like i was the biggest idiot ever.
- had to get a ride home with jessica because it was like a hurricane
outside, left my car at work. Left my keys in Jessicas car, parents
think someones going to steal my car.

anyways, it was alot more eventful than it usually is.

tomorrow = first dance practice this year woohoo. from 11-3. then
work from 4-8.

Everyone meet my exchange student from Italy, her names Anita :)

She arrives August 13th or 14th, staying for the whole school year.

anitaCollapse )

contimplating hair color change this weekend... what do you think?

brunettes have more funCollapse )

yesterday i got a job at :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

. its really neat, its looks like panera inside, and its at traders point,
only 5 minutes away from my house.i start today from 5-10... come visit?
(you will get to see me in a embarresing hat and apron and such)
-best thing about getting a job, i got to go shopping for new pants
khaki though, (blah)!

- taylor and i saw fantastic four, went to clay terrace, went to dinner, back
to traders point then dropped him off at jessies.
- so i went to jack haines summer get-together for our grade.
well, someone backed into my freaking car (!!!?) ya. sucks.

cant sleep, way too much on my mind.

so i layed in bed for a hour or so and just tried to think about
things. lately ive been overcome with sadness and lonliness, its the
wierdest thing. i only get like this a couple times a year, and i
have no clue why it happens... getting upset over myself, being cold
and becoming sad about stupid things, i think this happens to
everyone every once in a while? maybe.

she is my obsession and gets me through almost everything and every
situation, except this one, i havent found anything from her that
has helped.. sucks.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
aniCollapse )

[ mood | hyper ]

oh gosh, such an interesting night....

(+) hung out with taylor said, courtney stevens, and heather brogden.
(+) saw a tooon of cute boys, stopped and actually had the confidence to
talk to them and such.
(-) wierdly didnt have any interest in talking to them or even wanting
to look for boys, so odd. but i have my mind set.
(+) had a roman candle fight w/ sparklers and fireworks
(-) i am terrified of fire, sparklers and fireworks
(-) one of the boys got a firecracker stuck under his car hood before
he lit it
(-) there was a creepy man who sat and watched us sit in a circle and talk
about life at pleasant veiw.

(-) still everytime i drive home from hanging out with friends i have a
horrible upset lonely feeling, and ani lyrics really dont help.

(++)went to mrs.klaunigs house for a while to show her my honors art work, she
really really liked it and talked about college the whole time, said my parents
were stupid for thinking my grades arent going to get me into college, they dont
understand that my portfolio outweighs my grades majorly when getting into
art school.

(------) she didnt mention to tell me that while we were in her studio until
after we were walking out that i was standing right next to her huge snakes
cage THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME. i nearly passed out and sprinted to my car,
she felt bad.

so today? conclusion- interesting, but better than other days have been.


[ mood | cold ]

why do things have to come so difficult? when they should come so easy? really.
i dont even know what to say, i havent wrote anything personal in here for a long time.
so no names mentioned, and nothing hinted, but to every guy in general. YOU ALL SUCK.
haha just kidding, not quite. but it seems that every other girl that i have known can
have atleast one guy like her, or have one normal relationship? nope not me, only real
relationship ive had came out of the closet last january after 6 months, sucks huh?

i think i have honestly just given up on any future of having any kind of anything with
a guy for a while,unless they come to me,im way too tired of trying so hard.

(Anonymous)2:30 am:: because it's so unacceptable in society, i dunno why people wanna be so like.. "normal" all the time?

: thanks for the attempted help! haha your advice was..well...not very helpful, but you made me
laugh,haha :)


my sister... so going to be a plastic in highschool.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
annual pictures.. somewhatCollapse )

i just got finished with my 2 weeks of honors art.. it was amazing!

(helped a little that i have a huge crush on my zac-hanson look a like teacher!haha)

my critque was so so good, they said my work was really mature for my age, that i could have a perfect portfolio, my figure drawing and printmaking was outstanding, i had the best concepts and ideas in the class that helped show through my work and that i would go far.... so august 26th i will find out if hopefully i get a scholarship?

anyway, here is some of the artwork some of it is in the show so i cant take pictures.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

HerronCollapse )

so to start off the trip.. as soon as my parents pick me up from art school after 5 minutes of being on the highway my kneeboard flew off the top of the car and got smashed into 123812 peices by a semi... depressing.

last summer this hot guy with dreads kind of hit on me / left his number in my dryer. so this year we looked for him but we found out that he now goes to scad, uhm.. how cool!? considering thats my number one choice for college..

rest of the weekend was awesome.

lakeCollapse )

thursday-sunday= lake cumberland.

bye, <3 ash.

i get it alot that i look like her... but i dont see it one bit.. do you?

lindsayCollapse )

okay so.. because of grades.

- possibly grounded for rest of summer

- no dancing next year

- no license until next year when i get grades

- basically no life? ya this effing sucks.

+ my dad said i will be working at mcdonalds for the rest of my life at the rate im going.

thoughts lately:

i am going to miss LAUREN FREAKING KOONTZ so much next year!!
+ we have hung out like 4 days in a row! woohoo.

i get my license on.. saturday!!

i want a boyfriend.

anways, here are some picture on my camera i havent put on here.

<3 ash.

randomCollapse )

sorry, its been like a year since ive updated.

here are a couple pictures from prom at perry meridian..

promCollapse )

i got this shirt for him today that reminded me of zac :)

more of zachary walkerCollapse )

so today has been one of the best days this year.

my mom told my sister and i to close our eyes and my dad is standing there with two of the most adorable beautiful puppies ever!!!!

mine is a boy. 6 wks old, and i named him Zachy, short for zachary walker :)

puppiesCollapse )

hah! yes, my life just got 100 times better. his new girlfriend is fugly, really really freaking ugly. i love it. shes just another blonde carmel slut.... score


hello friends. so not much has happened lately.I got dumped, that really sucks but oh well hes a douche and gay. I got a freaking awesome marilyn monroe puzzle that my grandpa spent 150 hours on and gave it to me for christmas.lets see.. if i dont get a puppy for xmas i might die. im really excited for the snow tomorrow. and im super freaking jealous of miss lauren koontz for going to tulsa!! omgomg, please take pictures for me! im definently listening to mmmbop right now. i like boys, more of them should come around. my new icon is cool. i officially like myspace 100 times better than lj.

thats it for my pointless entry.

have a nice holiday.

havent updated in a while. heres my life lately: .Collapse )

picture update. [Monday|11.01|04:11pm]
havent posted pictures in awhile so here are some from lately: dance team, emilys birthday, getting pumpkins with kaylee, pats band, and halloween. fallCollapse )

anyone want to go with me on halloween or sometime this weekend and go to every john kerry sign around in peoples yard and cross them out with red spray paint??

im serious. no joke.

[ mood | bored ]

a billion acquaintances..yet one true friend. ya it sucks.
dont really know what has happened. dont get asked to just hang out anymore.. but not a plea for people to start asking. i somewhat enjoying my weekends. spent mostly with one person, every friday and saturday night.. that and knitting. i guess thats enjoyable but somewhat lonely.

.whatever. immaturity has hit all of my ex/recent friends and aquaintances.



Read more...Collapse )



Read more...Collapse )

piiictures [Sunday|09.19|09:09am]
ryan cabrera and homecomingCollapse )


hahahahah look at the BOOGER in taylors nose.


LAUREN: excuse me but i went to mass because you were going, if you noticed i didnt talk to him or try to, i actually payed attention to mass and it wasnt that bad. even if he wasnt going i would  have gone because you were.. im not that obsessed with boys. plus i like girls, i went for you :)


my party and fall festival parade

weekend of 9/11Collapse )<lj-cut

another month passes by.. [Thursday|09.09|06:09pm]
havent updated pictures in a while.. nothing really has happened lately but here are pictures from michigan and a couple other little things...

septemberCollapse )

today was horrible, just horrible
-got to school early for help in geometry and found i had forgotten my hw at home- forgot about writing a page long english report- my hair reaked of hair dye- that didnt work- i had a wonderful dream last night that i was making out with zac, then woke up and realized it didnt happen- i hit nicole really hard :( - im bored- i have a headache- i have a feeling my partys going to suck- I FUCKING WANT C LUNCH BACK - im really stressed about dance team- i got yelled at today and had to go to my room.. ahhh- i dislike boys (kindof)- i want a date to homecoming that is half way decent- all in all... im selfish and retarded


where: 7289 fox hollow ridge
when: friday september 10th
what: pool, bonfire, and dancing
what to bring: bathing suit and extra change of clothes
directions: call or ask me 7339160

**bring friends**

everyone is invited.

omgomg [Thursday|09.02|05:09pm]


Friday, September 10th ( date may change to saturday)

everyone invited, pool-bombfire-dancing in basement

...thats all i know right now...

louisville show [Wednesday|09.01|11:09am]
this is for lauren:

finally here are the louisville pictures

8/27/04 hanson concertCollapse )

hanson = amazing. [Sunday|08.15|10:08am]
all the words to describe the concert last night- amazing, perfect, great, wonderful.. life changing

very interesting experiences, we saw:
.a guy fall off his bike and fall face first into the cement
.the same guy doing a drug deal 2 minutes later
.a trashed lookalike taylor
.who also was making out with a 40 yr old woman (he looked 17)
.a ton of fat smelly people
.way too many people stuck in 1997
.zacs mullet pulled back into a pony tail
.some drunk girls tits fall out of her dress
.oh ya,and we got to kiss michael tolcher :)

notCollapse )

.damn them boys. [Friday|08.06|01:08pm]
[ mood | worried ]

all summer.. i have thought about him

every day-every night-every hour

it has to be a curse, hes not even that special or that cool or that great or that good looking, i dont know what it is. but it is obviously something.. it has stuck with me for two months- i guess i plan to tell him my feelings the first day of school, what a joy.. it could turn out really good or really bad. this sucks.


the amazing and perfect hanson concert...

......Collapse )

[ mood | tired ]


i am leaving for michigan in like 5 minutes but here are the highlights of yesterday-

* getting up at 4 30 and camping out for 16 hours
* meeting like 20 really cool people
* fighting with bitchy girls about cutting
* getting 2ND ROW FRONT CENTER right in front of ZAC
* standing for 2 hours and feeling like your going to faint
* hanson finally coming out, and forgetting everything thats hurting
* the hanson crowd almost turning into a mosh pit because of antsy girls
* watching the most amazing concert of my life
* almost passing out and having to get out of my wonderful spot 3/4 of the way into the concert
* getting out to the bus and waiting for hours for them to come out
* meeting michael tolcher
* getting isaac and taylors signatures

* oh ya, this was a while back but pushing the bitch by the boob off of lauren so lauren could get zacs drum stick ( WITHOUT ME LAUREN WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN IT!!) haha

-i would have to say that no concert could ever beat this-

oh ya again haha, i talked to hansons bus driver while he was getting beer and he said nicely that he would give zac the shirt i got him and got my name, went into the bus gave it to him and gave my a thumbs up :):):)

SARA: i miss you!! i will call you on monday.

LAUREN: please please please could you send me or put on here the pictures of me and isaac and me and taylor and any other pictures of any of them


really fucking serious. [Wednesday|07.21|08:07pm]
there is a ghost in my room..

she sits in my closet at night, i dont know if it was the hallucinations but she was there... i saw her.

trying to catch turtles with a butterfly net, definently doesnt work.

so maybe i like taking pictures of myself.. got a fucking problem with it?Collapse )

.-*summerCollapse )

heres some pictures from the last week..

gained a new frienda and my dad tried to scare off my date by waiting outside when we got home with a shotgun

asdlkfa;lsdfhk/asdfknCollapse )

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